Why would you wear clothes when you can not wear clothes?

It’s easy to get stuck. It happens, we all get stuck in work mode, stuck on that thing that person said, that annoying email your boss sent, or that brain scrambling announcement the president just made. Some days feel like actual quicksand. You know why you feel like that? Because you care. You happen to be a multi dimensional technicolored nugget of love and empathy, and even during our significantly insignificant blip of existence in the universe that we call Life, we want to do well and be good. And that’s pretty cool. But you know what else? If we keep clinging so tightly to all these things, we’re going to start feeling pretty bad.


Some say that being active and doing things can help get you unstuck, that exercise is an important part of your mental and physical health. Those people are of course, annoyingly correct (and always have names like ‘Tim’). But you know what else is good for you? Not doing things. Being comfortable, slowing down, organizing your books in height and color order, drinking tea and eating a two-pack of those peanut butter cups (not Reese’s, that organic one in the white packet called Janet or something). Those things can also help us get unstuck. And we’re here for that. 


OFFHOURS exists to bring you the things that help you feel good, like your true out-of-office self. Things you can curl up into a ball in, and pretend you’re a  caterpillar snuggled up in a cozy cotton cocoon, or the stationery isle at Muji. Wherever your happy place is. Because we think that stuff’s important too. So let’s stop drinking the cold pressed guilt juice associated with not being ‘busy’. Let’s take our pants off, and recline with our favorite off-brand peanut butter snacks and whatever esoteric hobbies that help us feel like us. Because it might just be time to switch off.


  • Rebecca Zhou
  • David McGillivray
  • Morgan Hung