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Where does OFFHOURS ship?

OFFHOURS currently ships totally free to the 48 contiguous states in the USA.

Do you ship internationally?

Email us at if you are interested in buying internationally and lets see what we can do!

What type of shipping does OFFHOURS use?

Fast shipping! Shipping is free and we use UPS Ground 4-6 day.

What’s your return policy?

All returns must be processed within 14 days of receiving the order.  You will be refunded in full to your original form of payment. Email us at and we'll help you place the return.

How do I place a return or exchange?

We're sorry you didn't love your OFFHOURS. Please reach out to with your order number and the products you'd like to exchange or return, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Where do I put in the promo code?

There’s  a promotional code box at checkout. 

What is the Homecoat made of?

The Homecoat’s fabrication is a combination of premium cottons; French Terry (100% Cotton) on the outside, while super soft T-shirt fabric (90% cotton, 10% polyester) lines the inside . We wanted to choose fabrics which already felt familiar to people, things they probably already have in their closet (a sweatshirt and T-shirt), but use them in a totally new way. The quilting is a polyester batting which does a great job of insulating you, whilst not adding too much weight. The Homecoat’s pre-washed too for an extra worn in feel from day one, and also machine washable.

So the Homecoat is Unisex? And One Size?

Yep it’s one size, and gender neutral. We just wanted to keep things really simple. This ties in with our overall approach to every aspect of OFFHOURS; uncomplicated, unpretentious, just easy. The only choice you have to make is color, which is a fun choice!

What are the measurements of the Homecoat?

Shoulder, 22". Chest, 25". Sleeve, 23". Back, 45". Pocket 7x7".

How do I clean the Homecoat?

We've tried to make the Homecoat as easy to care for as possible—it is machine washable and we recommend laying it flat to air dry. 

Where is the Homecoat manufactured?

The Homecoat is designed in Chinatown, NYC and manufactured in Shenzhen, China. Despite the bad rap ‘Made in China’ often gets these days, when it comes to quality of work and attention to detail in clothing production, no country comes close to the best factories in China. Finding small factories which care about their employees, and produce world-class product isn’t fiction. Our production partner visits her factories regularly and has been working with them for years. We produce our products at one of her favorites in the Shenzhen region; it’s was a thriving, young, female owned business that cares about their product and employees.

Why is there little hints of red?

Wearing red in Chinese culture is said to bring you good luck! 

Where did the concept for the Homecoat come from?

It all started out with Rebecca hunting for a replacement for an aging nightie, when the new addition of a take-away stain [that] wouldn’t budge after a second wash. She’d normally just buy whatever was on sale or wear an old t–shirt. But, realised that day-to-day, she wasn’t just wearing the sleepwear she’d buy to sleep in, she was finding herself changing out of her ‘outside clothes’ as soon as she’d come home. That combined with trips with friends, and general embarrassment when opening the door to the delivery guy, she figured it was worth spending a few minutes looking for something she’d enjoy wearing at home in general, rather than just in bed. But, those few minutes gradually turned into hours. Those cumulative hours searching online evolved into visits to department stores and boutiques all over. How was it so hard to find?! Everything was either ugly and frumpy, or extra lacey and frilly. She didn’t want something with a million buttons or wizard-like elongated sleeves, or something that she’d have to dry clean every few days. We couldn't believe how hard it was to find something comfortable, cute, and practical to live in at home.

The robe seemed like it should be the most indulgent, wonderful experience, but never was. And when we brought this up to friends in the early days researching OFFHOURS, we heard droves of stories about robe mishaps; weather dangling sleeves catching fire while cooking breakfast, or altogether losing the robe tie and purchasing a karate(!) belt as a replacement (which is why the Homecoat’s belt is sewn in). So something robe-like seemed like an interesting place to start. But we didn’t just want to make an improved robe, we wanted to totally reinvent it. We wanted something felt like never leaving your bed. At a certain point the brief became to make it ‘the closest you can get to actually wearing your comforter’, whilst still maintaining a strong sense of design. 

What can I do in my Homecoat? When should I wear it?

Anything you like!! Within reason... we can’t promise it’ll perform in outdoor conditions so we don’t recommend it be used as outerwear.